This tool is no longer actively maintained [read more] and will be available as-is through July 2014. If you represent a nonprofit organization and are interested in acquiring and hosting this tool please [contact us].
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PEMDAS: Order of Operations

The PEDMAS interactive tool helps you work with students to explore orders of operation and solve mathematical expressions. Drag numbers and operations to create your own expression or click on the AutoCreate icon to have PEDMAS generate one for you.

Drag to Delete
Add Number
Operation Blocks
Add Expression
Board Tools
auto create clear board
Delete Expression
Add Expression
To start, add a number or expression piece to the board, OR use the auto-create tool.

Enter a number

You can enter numbers from -9999 and 9999, with a maximum of two decimal places.

Create an expression

Enter your expression. Here are some samples:




Enter an exponent from -5 to 5

We accept powers between -5 and 5

Enter a result

Auto-generate new expressions

Select difficulty

Level 1: Addition and Subtraction
Level 2: Multiplication and Division
Level 3: Parenthesis
Level 4: Exponents

Create how many?

Create 1 expression
Create 2 expressions

Similar or different expressions?

Similar - minor differences to compare and explore
Different - entirely different expressions